FC Single Seater Race Car Experience

Designed and raced by us, these cars provide you with a unique experience of what it's like to be driving a Formula 1 or Indy car at Taupo International Motorsport Park.

In an experience normally reserved for the professionals, you now have the chance to feel the thrill of driving our single seater  race cars

An experience that will suit both novice and experienced drivers alike, these race cars offer drivers that pure sensation of just you, the track and the car.

You'll start by watching our DVD tuition which explains the basics of driving on a race track and also the tricks to driving these unique race cars. Then you'll move onto the tuition lap where one of our professional drivers will take you and a passenger of your choice for a couple of laps around the track in our familiarization V8 car to learn the lines around the racetrack.

Then it's all down to you!!!

Getting strapped into the Formula Challenge single seater is an experience all on it's own!! As you feel the engine burst into life only inches behind you, your heart starts to race, clutch in and engage first gear, ease off the clutch and your away. You'll be surprised at how easy they are to drive but how fast they are as you make your way onto the track.

Then..... Just as quickly as it started you see the chequered flag and it's time to head back into the pit lane.

And just in case it is all just a blur, you'll receive a certificate with your fastest lap time to take with you.


Please note that although no experience is needed these cars do have a clutch so drivers will have an advantage if they know how to use one.

*All products are based on Taupo International Motorsport Park's Club Circuit.

Drivers get 10 laps on the Club Circuit.