Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a gift voucher?

To buy a gift voucher, click here. Alternatively, if you would rather talk to one of out staff about the options, please call us on (07) 377 0338

How do I redeem a gift voucher?

If you wish to redeem your voucher over the phone, please call us on (07) 377 0338 If you wish to reddem your voucher online, please follow the directions below.

  1. To redeem a voucher and book your racecar experiences please click here, select your experience and click the Book Now tab.
  2. Select from the avaliable dates followed by the avaliable drive time.
  3. Select any upgrades you wish to purchase (our indeminity waiver (insurance) is avalibale here also), otherwise select skip.
  4. At the checkout, you will have a summary of the experience. If this is correct, please enter your voucher number including all numbers and letters.
  5. Continue to complete the on-screen form which will provide us with your details as these may be different from the purchasers.
  6. Once you have completed this you will receive a confirmation email with your drive details.
If you encounter any troubles please contact us by phone on 07 377 0338 or send us an email on quoting your voucher number

I have a gift voucher from another reseller. What do I do?

Formula Challenge exepriences are also avalibale through the following resellers. Freeman X Red Balloon Drivers Day TicketTek Adrenalin Gifts to Remember Miny and Mo If you have a voucher with one of these companies, please contact them first via their webste or contact details on your voucher to redeem it. They will then contact us on your behalf and arrange an avaliable booking date and time.

How many laps do I get?

Our experiences are based on Taupo Motorsport Park's Club Circuit unless otherwise stated on the day (occassionaly we have to use a different track). The International Circuit and National Circuit are over double the length of the Club Circuit. This means you will get the same, if not more, driving time, but your lap number will be halved. This is beyond our control as the management of Taupo Motorsport Park decides which track we are to use on that day. Below is a list of the Circuits and the amount of laps you will get. *Additional laps and/or sessions are avaliable at an extra cost. Taupo Motorsport Park International Circuit - 10 laps National Circuit - 5 laps Club Circuit - 4 laps

What are the Terms and Conditions of booking?

To read Formula Challenge Terms and Contiions, please click here.

What happens if I damage a car?

You are liable for any damage (up the replacement cost) to the car while you are driving. We do offer an indemnity waiver package which reduces the payable excess to $300.00. For example - on the V8 Experience, by paying the indemnity waiver of $50.00, you will limit your liability from the replacement cost of the damage to the racecar down to $300.00 for any one incident. Please be aware that if you do have an incident, your drive session will be ended.

What are the cars like to drive?

Driving a racecar, whether a single seater or a V8 saloon, is an unfrogettable experience and totally different from driving a road car. The cars are easy to drive, but will reward and test your skills in order to get the ultimate lap time. These cars do have a clutch so some experience using a clutch is desired. If you can not drive a car with a clutch, please give us a call to discuss what your options might be - (07) 377 0338

Do I drive the car on my own?

At Formula Challenge, your session driving the V8 racecar is made easier by having one of our qualified instructors sitting alongside you. They are there to help you get the most out of the experience, both in lap times and enjoyment. The Formula Challenge single seater racecar has, as the name suggests, only one seat. Driving these cars will provide you with the ultimate experience of being a racecar driver for a session!! *Both experiences include a tuition session and a familiarisation lap with an expereinced driver prior to your session.

How much power do the cars have and how fast can they go?

All the speciifcations about the cars can be found in the "Our Cars" section of our webiste.

What time of driving can I do?

You will be driving our specially prepared V8 or single seater racecars on one of New Zealand’s top race tracks. At Formula Challenge, we only do race experiences, if you want to do drifting, speedway or rallying, please call us and we can put you touch with someone who can provide this for you.

Would my partner enjoy this experience as a gift?

Absolutely!!!! Whether they’re into V8 Supercars, Formula 1, Indy car, any other sort of motorsport or they just like driving fast, this will be an experience that they won’t forget!!

Do I need safety gear?

No. Formula Challenge will provide you with a race suit, race boots, helmet and gloves for the duration of your experience. The only thing you need to bring is a pair of socks!

Do I need a licensce?

To drive with Formula Challenge, you don’t need a license. You must be over 14 years of age to drive. Drivers aged between 14 and 18 years of age must have a guardian present to counter sign the indemnity. *Please note that these cars do have a clutch so some experience using a clutch is desired. For those aged under 14, or those wanting to drive something a little smaller (but just as fun) we have karts available. Visit for more information

Are there any other cars on the track?

Yes, there can be other cars on the track but these will only be of the same type and we always limit the number of cars for safety.

Can I bring my friends and family to watch?

Of course! Everybody is welcome and one of your lucky spectators will get the chance to go around the track with you when you go on your familiarisation lap.

Can I upgrade my experience?

Yes you can. At any stage during the day, you can upgrade to do extra laps, have another session, buy a go pro video of your drive or do an alternative experience. Ask us about the different upgrade options and prices that go with each experience.

What size groups can I bring?

Due to the amount of cars we have, we can provide experiences for individuals through to large groups of up to 200 drivers per day. Please email us to discuss your guest numbers if you have a large group.

How do I find Formula Challenge?

Please click on the link below to open our location on Google Maps. We are based at 463 Broadlands Road, Taupo, 3377 Taupo Motorsport Park

How do I know how good I am against other drivers?

If your time is fast enough, then it will be added to our Top 30 Leaderboard where you will stay for 6 months or until someone beats your time. This list will be updated after each drive day.

Do you recommend anywhere in Taupo or stay?

For Hotels in Taupo visit

What other activities can I do with you?

We also offer karts. We have the most powerful recreational karts in the world and are open 7 days a week. We have adult karts, kids karts and tandem karts available for the whole family to have some fun. For more information visit

When does my voucher expire?

Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. This date will be stated on your voucher. Voucher extensions are avaliable for an additional cost of $50.00. For a full copy of our Terms and Conditions regarding voucher, please click here.

What if the weather on the day of my drive is bad?

Formula Challenge can run in most weather conditions however in extreme situations a day may have to be postponed. Formula Challenge will do its best to re book you on another date that suits. For full Terms and Conditions reagrding re-booking due to weather please click here.

Can I postpone my experience if, for some reason, I am unable to do it?

Formula Challenge is happy to postpone your drive if for some reason you are unable to do it, however it must be completed within 6 months or your vouchers expiry date whichever comes soonest. There is no fee unless you contact us on your actual booked drive day in which case we may charge a $50.00 rebooking fee to cover our costs.

What if there is another Covid lockdown preventing me from doing my experience?

If in the event that Covid returns to New Zealand and New Zealand, or any part of New Zealand, is put into lockdown, we will put your order on hold and rebook your experience for a later date at no additional cost.

What happens on the day

Your day will begin by sign in with our friendly office staff at the Formula Challenge race facility. They will explain any upgrade specials available that day and explain about how our in-house indemnity waiver (insurance) works that you can purchase for an extra $50 per vehicle driven which reduces your excess to $300 per incident. You will then move through to our classroom, no boring lectures here, just a brief but comprehensive DVD with an instructor on-hand to answer any remaining queries. Ready to race! Well it’s now across to the race track for a familiarization lap driven by one of our instructors and as a bonus you can take one of your guests along for the ride! Then it’s suiting up into your race gear, which we’ll provide you with and then it’s into your race car and go go go!!! Over the finish line and stick around for your certificate with your fastest lap time. The Complete Motorsport Experience!!!