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Ford Mustang Driving Experience

Feel the thrill, noise and power of a Ford Mustang in a safe and controlled environment!

Whether you are a Ford or V8 fanatic wanting a modern V8 sportscar experience, 10 laps in our new Ford Mustang will satisfy you. Not a racing car experience but a chance, with one of our instructors, to feel the thrill of our sleek and superb Mustang - loud in exhaust and colour! This car is the combination of classic style and exhilarating performance. You will leave the track with a driving experience you will never forget.


First you will sign in at our office and watch a short briefing to run through safety aspects of the day - after that you are off to pitlane where the car and one of our instructors will be waiting for you - then the thrill starts!


After your experience, with your heart still racing, you will go back to pitlane to receive a certificate - your proof it wasn't just a dream.